About project

Transport App

To develop an application that can find the connection between users’ needs (drivers and users) and business goals (admin) and serve all parties equally.

In this case, we opted for a methodology that delivers a high-quality experience, and implement a standard of excellence that offers a solid foundation for the software development process.


The client

Our client is in a logistics enterprise and wanted to extend its reach in the industry with better service and solutions. They focused on two important factors-

An objective to provide a platform that offers improvised transport and logistic services across different locations.

To offer an innovative and sustainable way through our application that improves inventory accuracy and assortment availability, to make faster and more affordable deliveries.

A vision to bring technological revolution in the logistics industry with unique features and functionalities that address the key problems of the industry.



Before developing the application, our team of experts and strategists noted below the challenges of the application development:

To build an application that can automatically handle queries of all the parties including drivers, customers, and admin at the same time.

To create different UI/UX for different users and different screens.

To create an application that allows admin and customers to track the vehicles.

An application that can assist drivers in completing the paperwork, scheduling the pick up of the consignment, and delivery of the consignment.

A tech stack that can assist drivers in different geographical locations.

To build a scalable at the time robust architecture.

To develop an in-app wallet.


What did we build?

We helped our client with an application that offers end-to-end logistics services and the transportation of goods in a smooth manner.

The key features of the developed application-

A simplified application that had different panels for different stakeholders.

Highly intuitive design

Minimized loading time

Integrated GPS tracker

Produces inspection reports in real-time

Provision to integrate social media

Fleet management system

Report management system for verifying and delivering orders

In-app wallet

Tech stack

desktop mobile


An application that offers a strategic and tactical logistic plan, feasibility, and cost evaluation for all its stakeholders. Thus, we successfully developed a robust, smooth, and scalable solution for multi-vendors.